Embroidery digitizing software for home and entry-level commercial embroiderers
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Embroidery Magic 2 provides an introduction to manual punch digitizing, including editing tools and commercial quality lettering features.  Look for a printed and video tutorial that provides instruction in basic manual punch digitizing techniques.
EM2 is an older program and is no longer available.

Fancyworks Studio  is Pantograms’ newest addtion to a growing line of editing, lettering, and digitizing embroidery software.  FWS has most of the features found in Embroidery Magic 2 and it has an advanced color system and conversion engine for home formats.  Includes 13 preset shapes, 10 fonts, 11 fancy fills, quilt stitch, repeat tool, design recipe box, automatic appliqué setting, thread charts, and more. FWS is an older program and is no longr available.

Type Library, Vol. 1 or 2  adds 75 fonts to Embroidery Magic 2, Fancyworks Studio or Monogram SP.  Includes standard font styles like Athletic Block and Helvetica as well as artistic fonts such as Hibernia, Manual Hand Alphabet, Nautical Flags, and Outline Greek.

Small Fonts  adds ten fonts to Pantograms embroidery software programs. Digitized at 0.24”, these fonts are intended to be used at 0.16” - 0.35”.

Aunty M Fonts  New fonts for Pantograms programs.  Digitized with quality in mind, these “native” fonts add extra characters to help you create professional lettering.
These fonts are individually priced so you can choose the ones you need for your projects or you can purchase a series of 10 fonts to add to any Pantograms’ digitizing program.

Video Lessons  Learn how to create quality lettering, very small lettering, large lettering, understand the tools and features found in Embroidery Magic 2, and digitize with different techniques.   Look for 5 separate videos for Embroidery Magic 2 and a two-hour video for Fancyworks Studio.

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