Single Designs 2

The designs shown below are not part of any set and may be purchased individually.  Please note the size of each design as all designs are not guaranteed to be of an appropriate size for every embroidery machine.
Once a design is purchased, it cannot be returned.
Sample designs are available throughout the site so you can test the quality of Aunty M Designs.

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MISCELLANEOUS SINGLE DESIGNS               Designs will be e-mailed as soon as possible.

Fall Teapot
3.92” x  3.91”
4.98 x 4.96”

Redwork teapot in two sizes.  Just list the size you want (small or large) in the notes section.
This design is perfect for tea towels.


2.30” x  1.96”

Sample design uses Madeira Polyneon #1602 for variegated wings and eyes.


Mini Birdhouse
1.14” x  0.94”

Miniature birdhouse perfect for a shirt lapel, napkin corner, or bookmark.
Click on any graphic to view larger image.


Fall Fruit
2.50” x  1.10”

Fall fruit that stitches well over a pocket
or as a napkin corner.


Sunflower Face
1.41” x 1.41”
1.69” x  1.69”

Stitch these sunflower faces in pink or
blue to represent your grandkids
for “Grandma’s Sunshine!”
Both sizes for one low price.


HOLIDAYS and CELEBRATIONS              Designs will be e-mailed as soon as possible.

Mother Heart
3.29” x  2.72”

Mother’s Heart adds a special touch
to any item you make for Mom..


Mom Bouquet
5.61” x  4.08”

Mom’s Bouquet has been digitized
for larger hoops.

Stitch this redwork design for
your special mother.


1.96” x  1.97”

Stitch this snowman over a pocket for a
special child.
Click on the graphic to see a larger image.


Sleigh Ornament
2.61” x  2.23”

This design layers two colors on top of each other for a unique ornament.


Joy to the World
2.40” x  3.20”

Add your church name to this design for a shirt logo.


Love Doves
6.20” x  4.80”

Digitized in Embroidery Magic 2, this design is perfect for weddings, ring pillows, and anniversaries.


At the Beach
2.78” x  2.98”

It would be a restful vacation to sit under the sun at this beach!.
Click on any graphic on this page
 to view in larger size.


TOYS and GAMES             Designs will be e-mailed as soon as possible.

2.41” x  2.61”

Jacks are digitized with a light fill.

Click on any image to view a
larger size.


2.63” x  2.27”

Marble bag is digitized with a light fill.
Fabric will show through
bag and marbles.


2.36” x  2.57”

Card backgrounds are digitized
with a light fill.


2.35” x  3.24”

Red and blue crayons create this craft
design that any child would love.
This design is also part of the
Clever Kids set.


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