Quiet Book Series

Designs for the entire book are available on CD in the format you require for your machine.
These graphics do not show all of the pages. The designs can be purchased as individual pages or you can get all
 of the designs on one CD.  The CD is  not available as downloaded designs.  To order, use the link below.

The entire Quiet Book Series is available on a CD and will be sent to you via Priority Mail.

Purchase the Quiet Book Series and you will receive these items:
1)  A special price!
$50 for all of the pages plus shipping (Purchasing the designs as separate pages will total $65.)
2)  A mini-CD with all of the designs. Formats currently available are art, dst, pes, hus, and jef.
3)  Additional designs available only on the CD are “Smile!  Jesus Loves You!” and church with poem.
4)  You will receive a supply list that includes everything necessary to complete the book.  The list will be E-mailed.
Pages included with this series are:
Cover page with pocket for child’s photo, church with poem and doors tht open, creation matching game, Noah’s Ark
with Noah and 3 animal finger puppets, Joseph’s coat, Jonah, hands to serve, nativity, Jesus feeds a crowd, Zaccheus,
abacus, Bible story clock, and “Smile! Jesus Loves You!”.

To order by PayPal, use the link below.  PayPal will automatically add a Priority Mail shipping fee.

There is no download link for these designs.  The designs must be mailed to you.


Price:  $50.00

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