Pocket Kids 2

Designs based on artwork copyrighted by Helena Normak of Graphic Garden.

Perfect for teachers, moms, and grandmas, these cute kids fit over a pocket.  Add the pencil and a school title, teacher name, or slogan to let your kids know that they are #1!
Embroidered children’s faces are provided in two sizes.

1.34” x 1.26”
1.60” x 1.50”

1.11” x 1.13”
1.46” x 1.48”

1.40” x 1.24”
1.68” x 1.49”

1.27” x 1.24”
1.53” x 1.50”

1.357” x 1.15”
2.06” x 1.50”

1.16” x 1.25”
1.37” x 1.49”

1.27” x 1.26”
1.50” x 1.49”

1.25” x 1.21”
1.54” x 1.50”

1.07” x 1.13”
1.37” x 1.45”

BONUS!!  Pocket Kids Friends 3
Combined files used as a sample to show how the children look in one design.  This combination is included in the set as a bonus.  You can use the same idea to combine any of the designs.
4.24” x 1.51”

1.27” x 1.15”
1.63” x 1.48”

Some of the individual faces are combined within the Pocket Kids 2 set as examples of how you can put the designs together.  The designs have not been changed to make the combined files.

BONUS!!  Pocket Kids Friends
This design uses two children and the smaller pencil for a shorter pocket topper design.
The combined file is included in the set as a bonus.
3.71” x 1.54”

Example of how to use two faces and the pencil ends
This graphic uses two children and the pencil ends with space for a teacher or school name.
Some combined files are included in the set.
This photo is provided just as an example.

Pencil #2
Use this pencil with three small children designs.
4.24” x  0.30”

Pencil Ends
Use this design to add your own lettering.
4.24” x  0.30”

3.66” x 1.06”

“Children are my Specialty”
Separate lettering file for “Children are my specialty” is included in design set.  Add it to any of the children and pencil designs.  The graphic above shows how the lettering will look when it is added to the designs.

Three teacher lettering embroidery
files included.
3.61” x 0.97”


Price:  $20

Aunty M’s Sample Pencil
3.71” x  0.30”








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