Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark and Animal Finger Puppets
The complete design will be page #4 in the book, but it can also be used separately on a
tote bag or a sweatshirt.  The cloud is given a puffy look when felt is used for the applique fabric.

Ark Appliqué
Each section of the complete design is provided as a separate file for smaller hoops.
6.29” x  7.47”

Noah Finger Puppet is available at the Stitchery Mall as a separate file.

This scan shows the finger puppets stored in the appliqué pocket.  Click on the graphic to view pocket instructions on the Quiet Book page.

Giraffe Finger Puppet
1.58” x  3.0”

Elephant Finger Puppet
2.44” x  1.94”

Lion Finger Puppet
1.87” x  3.0”

Instructions for making the finger puppets are included with the designs.  Each puppet uses two layers of felt.
Hoop one layer of felt with tearaway backing.  Stitch the details and basic design.  Add another piece of felt under the
hoop to complete the design.  Cut around the outside edges of both layers.  A finger puppet!

Look for frog, bunny, butterfly, koala, cat, puppy, and chick here:  More Finger Puppets!

The design set includes individual sections of the designs for smaller hoops.

Lettering with Fish
5.81” x  2.28”
The lettering is already combined with the fish for medium hoops.  A smaller version is also given for 4”x 4” hoops.

Rainbow with Applique Cloud
3.77” x  1.28”

Ark Applique without lettering
6.29” x  4.80”
The ark is provided as a separate file.
Also included are these files:  cabin alone, cabin with rainbow and cloud, boat with waves

Sample Design
Fish with Wave
2.32” x  0.44”

Miniature Dove
0.70” x  0.44”




NOTE:  Not all formats allow for conversion to larger sizes.  Files in certain formats may include the larger designs in pes format.  If you are limited to 4”x 4”, you will not be able to use the separate boat file since it is 6.29” x 3.0”.  You can use a print-out of the design as a pattern for machine applique.

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Look how Trudi used the design to make a tote.  Click on the ark to view larger size.

Please take note of the design sizes before ordering.
While each section is provided as a separate file, the bottom of the ark will NOT be appropriate for 4”x 4” hoops.


Price:  $10


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