Happy Wheels

Graphics used for car embroidery designs were created by DesignStitch.
Graphics used for other vehicles created by Paul.

Click on each graphic to view larger image.
Vehicles can be purchased individually or as a set.

3.28” x  5.01”

3.57” x  5.01”

3.01” x  4.91”

2.66” x  4.99”

4.22” x  4.82”

3.55” x  5.04”

3.13” x  5.08”

3.60” x  5.46”

3.57” x  5.53”

3.26” x  5.01”

3.87” x  5.32”

2.26” x  5.33”

4.38” x  5.28”

4.75” x  5.10”

4.12” x  5.35”

Click on the Pay Pal link to purchase
15 vehicle designs only
(Purchase with this link does not include designs for street signs or quilt instructions).

Price:  $24.95


Download designs with single mini car or two cars.  Both files are included.




Make a quilt with Happy Wheels designs!

Happy Wheels Quilt

Printed pattern includes quilt instructions
for youth, twin, and double size quilts and
instructions for road sign blocks.
Design CD includes 15 car designs,
designs for road sign blocks and quilt label.
(Twin quilt is shown in graphic.)

Youth quilt uses 6 vehicle blocks.
Twin quilt uses 12 vehicle blocks.
Double quilt uses 15 vehicle blocks.

Embroidery designs and instructions for road sign blocks
are included with the printed pattern and design CD.

The printed pattern with instructions for all blocks,
fabric requirements, and finishing instructions is only
available by mail.
  The instructions are not available as a download.

The graphic shown above is from the quilt creation software.  To see a photo of the finished quilt and some of the blocks, click on the Happy Wheels Photos link below or the quilt graphic above.

Add a label to your quilt to document
who made it and when it was made.
Click on the image to see added lettering.
1.04” x  5.36”
This design is included with the embroidery quilt pattern.

Purchase the printed pattern with design CD for MACHINE embroidery.
Includes pattern, vehicle designs, road designs, label.
(This purchase must be mailed.  Shipping will be added.)



This pattern provides instructions and graphics for creating the Happy Wheels quilt with hand embroidery.

This purchase gives you the printed pattern with printed graphics and instructions for HAND embroidery.  (This purchase must be mailed. Shipping will be added.) 



I have 2 sets of the embroidered blocks already completed,
washed, pressed and ready to trim for quilt blocks.
These have been stitched on Kona cotton and are ready
to be added to the quilt.  There are 15 vehicle blocks and 9 road sign blocks to make 1 double size quilt or 1 twin quilt and pillow sham or pillowcase.
You will receive the printed hand version of the
pattern with the blocks.  Contact me via e-mail with questions.



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