Hankie Blankie Pets

Hankie Blankie Pet heads and paws are digitized to be stitched in the hoop.  The design CD includes three face designs for 4x4 hoops, three head designs with face for larger hoops, two paws in one hooping and individual paw for 4x4 hoops.  A pdf file provides photos & instructions for stitching the head and paws on your embroidery machine.  Instructions for completing the Hankie Blankie Pet are provided in the pattern.

Bear Face  2.19” x 2.80”
Head & Face 5.21” x 4.78”

Cat Face  3.68” x 2.42”
Head & Face 4.85” x 4.69”

Dog Face  2.78” x 2.34”
Head & Face 6.60” x 4.83”

Paw design is 4.36” x 2.83”

Samples were stitched on fleece.  Hankie Blankie Pets shown below were stitched with Minkee fabric.

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Purchase just the pattern for $8.00 plus shipping.  Pattern includes instructions for hand embroidery and completing the Hankie Blankie Pets with your sewing machine.
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Note:  You will need only the printed pattern to complete the project with your sewing machine.

Purchase the design CD for $15.00 plus shipping.  Mini-CD includes pdf file with photos and instructions and the designs in these formats:  art, dst,  hus, jef, pes, sew,
shv, vip3, xxx. 

Note:  You will need both the printed pattern and design CD to complete the project on your embroidery machine.

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Complete the project with your sewing machine.
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Design CD



This pattern includes dog, bear, & cat.  Hankie Blankie - New Friends can be purchased separately.  Click on any of the graphics below to see Hankie Blankie bunny, duck and frog.

Look for Hankie Blankie Pets at the Zoo
Lion, Monkey, & Panda with the link below.

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