Hankie Blankie Friends

Hankie Blankie Pets - New Friends can be embroidered by hand and sewn together on the sewing machine.
Or you can use an embroidery machine, complete the head and paws in the hoop; turn and stuff.
Then add the blanket portion using your sewing machine.
Minkee fabric makes them irresistable! 
Click on each graphic for larger view.

Frog Head
4.22” x  5.04”
Frog Face
3.92” x 2.69”

Frog Feet
Both feet in one hooping
4.76” x  5.51”
Individual Foot
2.81” x 3.06”

Duck Head
5.24” x  4.67”
Duck Face
3.69” x 2.83”

Duck Feet
Both feet in one hooping
3.75” x  5.0”
Individual Foot
2.34” x 3.13”

Bunny Head
5.90” x  4.83”
Face & Ears
3.93” x 3.91”

Bunny Feet
Both feet in one hooping
2.96” x  4.7”
Individual Foot
1.99” x 2.95”

Design CD includes art, dst, hus, jef, pes, sew, shv, xxx, and pdf instructions with step-by-step photos for completing the head and feet in the hoop.

You will need the printed pattern to complete the project.

A pocket CD functions just like a larger CD.  Place the mini-CD in the small inner tray of your CD drive to access the designs and text files.

The design CD includes separate files for stitching the face and feet of each animal in a 4” x 4” hoop.
If your hoop is slightly smaller than 4” x 4”, the designs will not fit.   Note size of each design for completing the head in the hoop.

You will need a printed pattern for EITHER Hankie Blankie Pets or Hankie Blankie Friends to know how to purchase and cut the fabric and sew the project together.  This merchandise cannot be downloaded.
It must be shipped to you.  
Email Aunty M if you have any questions.

Recommended purchase to complete bunny, duck, frog:
Purchase both Hankie Blankie Friends printed pattern and
Friends design CD at

Printed pattern and new CD at PayPal

$23 + shipping


Use this link if you already own the printed pattern.
Purchase just the Hankie Blankie Friends (bunny, duck,
frog) design CD.

Hankie Blankie Friends Design CD only

$15 + shipping


I want it all!
Purchase the original Hankie Blankie Pets pattern, Pets design CD (bear, cat, dog) and Hankie Blankie Friends pattern and design CD (bunny, duck, frog).  Click on graphic for larger view.  (This option saves $6.00.)

Original pattern, original designs, and Friends CD

$40 + shipping


 Pattern graphic shown above.  Click here for larger view.

Hankie Blankie Friends printed pattern and instructions for hand embroidery and machine sewing.  This selection does NOT include machine embroidery designs.  It provides all templates and instructions for completing the bunny, duck, and frog on your sewing machine.

Hankie Blankie Friends pattern only

$8 + shipping


Click on the photo at the left to see a baby quilt made with the same artwork.

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Use the links below to order the Hankie Blankie Pets - bear, cat, dog or
Hankie Blankie Pets at the Zoo - lion, monkey, panda.

No refund or returns after shipping.  Thank you for understanding.

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