Fancyworks Studio

Pantograms announces the addition of  Fancyworks Studio to their growing line of software for embroidery hobbyists and professionals.  This exciting software adds more tools for digitizers who want to create embroidery designs for their sewing projects.  Fancyworks Studio incudes 13 pre-set shapes, 10 fonts, 11 fill patterns, and decorative stitches for quilters and embroiderers.  Its ability to save in formats suitable for most home embroidery machines makes it the most useful tool in your sewing room.
The repeat tool allows the user to create just one section of a design and then arrange copies of it in a wreath pattern.  You can add holes to complex fill and even create automatic appliqué designs with fabric placement and tack down stitches already in place.
As you work with embroidery files, choose thread colors from major thread manufacturers like Isacord; Sulky; and Madeira rayon, polyester, Burmilana, and Flourescent.  Save your designs to the Embroidery Recipe Box where the database maintains a record of your thread choices, design size, and stitch count for future projects.  The Recipe Box includes 100 PantoStock designs for your own projects.

Watch a video with Fancyworks

Download a sample Fancyworks design

Digitize original embroidery designs

 13 Pre-set shapes for each digitizing tool including running stitch, satin stitch, complex fill, and appliqué

Wreath Effect
Copy and repeat a single design up to 12 times

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This program is no longer available.
The lesson DVD - Learning the Tools in Fancyworks Studio can be
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Type Library is no longer available.

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