Fancyworks Features

 10 Built-in Fonts

Embroidery fonts included in Fancyworks Studio allow you to create lettering from 0.20” to 3.50”.  Choose from 3 different types of underlay for each font; change the density and stitch length; arc, bridge; add italics; change spacing for words, letters, lines; and more.  Add 75 fonts to the text feature with Type Library, Vol. 1 or 50 fonts with Monogram SP.
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Rotating Picture


 Thread Charts

Choose your favorite colors from embroidery thread charts for Madeira, Sulky, and Isacord with the touch of a button.  Fancyworks Studio displays the color in the design screen.


Add dimension and texture to your embroidery designs with the automatic appliqué feature.  The software automatically creates the fabric placement line, tack down stitches, and satin stitch border.  Turn off the appliqué feature and you can digitize evenly spaced satin stitches for outlines or details.

 Recipe Box

Create embroidery designs and store them in your recipe box to access later.  Maintain information about your thread choices, design size, and stitch count.

More Features

  • 11 pattern fills
  • 13 preset shapes
  • 124 color changes
  • 171 fabrics for 3-D real view
  • Slow draw
  • Onscreen ruler
  • Adds lock stitches
  • Filters short stitches
  • Stem stitch
  • Quilt stitch
  • Back stitch
  • Bean stitch
  • Automatic satin underlay
  • Add holes to complex fill
  • Control entry and exit points
  • Straight and arced line tools
  • Arrange sewing sequence
  • Spell check
  • Create hoop graphics
  • Language processor
  • Reads and writes 9 home formats
  • Electronic manual
  • And more!!!

Fancyworks Birdhouse Sample
This design uses many of the digitizing tools found in Fancyworks.  Look for the ability to add holes in complex fill, pattern stitches, automatic underlay for satin stitches, appliqué stitch for even satin stitches, split satin, and more!



All conversions created in Fancyworks Studio.
Dst is the original file.  Download the design in your format.
Read the enclosed text file for color information.

Original Format



New Home

Singer EU


Singer PSW








FWS is no longer available.  If you are able to access an installation disc, you will
need 3 patches that must installed in the correct order.
They can be found in the files area of the Yahoo group linked below..

Watch videos using Fancyworks Studio to see some of the features in action or find a link to purchase lesson DVDs.

Click the link to join a Yahoo group.  Chat with users of Fancyworks Studio and find out more about the great features in this software.

View a comparison chart of features found in Fancyworks Studio and Embroidery Magic 2.

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