Fancyworks FAQs

Common Questions from Fancyworks Users

Q:  How do I access the manual for Fancyworks Studio?
A:   Insert the Fancyworks Studio CD in the CD drive of your computer.  When the install window appears, left click on Cancel.  Left click on Exit Setup.  Left click on Start.  Double left click on My Computer.  Right click on the CD-rom drive that contains the Fancyworks CD.  Left click on Explore.  Double left click on Fancyworks manual.pdf.  It will open in Adobe Acrobat allowing you to view the manual or print it.

Q:  Can I upgrade Fancyworks Studio?
A:   Go to the Creative Series web site and click on Support to download a patch that upgrades the program with new features.

Q:  Should I trade in my copy of Embroidery Magic 2 for Fancyworks Studio?
A:   This is a personal decision.  If you like the monogram feature in EM2, you would definitely want to keep EM2 as that feature is no longer included in FWS.  Fancyworks can open your ppl files, but it cannot save in ppl format.  If you are comfortable with the features in EM2, my recommendation is that you keep it. 

Q:  I have purchased extra fonts for Embroidery Magic 2.  Will they work in Fancyworks Studio?
A:   Yes, they will function just fine in FWS.  If the fonts came on a CD and include automatic installation, you may need to contact the seller of your font CD for instructions to transfer the fonts to FWS.  Or, you can use Windows commands to copy and paste the fonts into the correct FWS folder.

Q:  I have a CD with font files from the original Embroidery Magic.  Can I use those fonts in Fancyworks Studio?
A:   The fonts for the original program, released in 1999, use much older technology and do not allow for closest point connection, application of different underlay techniques, and other more advanced features.  These fonts will give you errors and will not function correctly in programs created with newer technology.  However, you CAN use any extra fonts you might have from Embroidery Magic 2 (released in 2003).

Q:  How do I change the color of a section that I have already completed or for a stock design?
A:   Hold the SHIFT key and left click on a color in the color sequence bar.  The objects associated with that color are now selected.  Click on the thread cone in the editing toolbar and select a new thread color.

Q:  How do I combine colors?
A:   Hold the CTRL key and select the colors in the color sequence bar that you want to combine into one color.  Click on the thread cone in the editing toolbar and select a new thread color.  If the colors are in sequence, they will automatically be joined into one color.  If the colors are divided by other colors, use the sew before or sew after icon in the editing toolbar to move each color into the correct position.

Q:  How do I add a hole in a complex fill section?
A:   There are two methods for adding a hole.  Digitize the complex fill section first.  Keep in mind that your choice of either the straight or curved line tool when you start the section will also apply to the hole.  Your birdhouse may have straight sides, but you want a round hole in the middle.  You will need to choose the curved line for the main complex fill section (birdhouse) in order for the curved line to apply to the hole too.  Finish the first shape.  Then select it.  Right click to get a drop-down menu.  Choose “Add Hole”.  Now place points where the hole to be located.  Add the exit point and the hole is created automatically.  A second method allows you to add the hole before you add the exit point to the first section.

Q:  How can I get more information about using the program?
A:   Join the Yahoo group where you can ask questions.  Watch the sample videos shown on the Lessons page (link below).
Purchase the 2-hour lesson DVD that provides step by step directions for many different tasks in FWS.  DVD information is found on the Lessons page.  Or, you can contact Aunty M for a private lesson via computer and telephone.  It is easier than you think!

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