Embroidery Magic 2




Embroidery Magic 2 by Pantograms is a lettering and digitizing software package
designed for use by home and entry-level commercial embroiderers.
What Can It Do?

  • Text generator that allows the user to automatically digitize fonts at different sizes, use up to three different types of underlay, and determine settings appropriate for various embroidery needs. 
  • Digitizing tools allow for running stitch, column fill, complex fill, and variations for each digitizing tool.
  • Graphics can be imported in 17 different formats. 
  • Image modification settings allow the user to scale, mirror, or rotate the image with the software. 
  • Real View allows you to view and print designs in realistic view on 114 different fabrics.
  • Additional fabric choices can be added to the fabric choices by scanning a fabric and saving the scan as a bmp image within the fabrics folder.
  • Editing tools make it easy to cut, copy, paste, scale, rotate, or mirror an object or a complete design.
  • The design database lets you store and sort designs by category, creator, or customer and it maintains thread color and pricing options.
  • 100 Dakota Collectible stock embroidery designs are included with the program.
  • Additional font packs are available to increase the variety of fonts that can be used with the software.

Click on the video graphic to view a video that provides some examples of features found in Embroidery Magic 2.

Embroidery Magic 2 and Type Library are no longer available
through this site.  I do have lesson DVDs and extra fonts for EM2.
If you are interested in purchasing EM2 or Type Library, go to

Additional font packs are also available.  Click on the purchase link to order
Embroidery Magic 2 merchandise through the Stitchery Mall.
Support for Embroidery Magic 2 can be found at the Yahoo chat group linked above.

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