Emb. Magic 2 Videos

More lesson videos can be found on the Digitizing Lessons page.  These lessons
introduce you to the features in the program, help you understand more about using the
lettering feature, and provide instruction for digitizing with the program.

What features are found in Embroidery Magic 2?
Click on the program graphic to view a short video about the lettering, editing, and digitizing capabilities of Embroidery Magic 2.  Please be patient while the video is downloaded to your computer.  When the video is finished, you will automatically be returned to this page.

How to combine design files using Embroidery Magic 2:
View this lesson video to find out how to combine two or more designs to make a new design file.

How to change the sewing order for a line of lettering:
View this lesson video to find out how to use a dst file to change the order of lettering for more precise stitching on the curve of a cap.

How to add a new section in the middle of a design:
A user of Embroidery Magic 2 wanted to know how to add a section in the middle of a design that was already finished.  View this lesson video to find out how to make an addition to the digitizing file.

Viewing the Digitizing Points in EM2
A user of EM2 wanted to know how to view the digitizing points.  This video describes how to change the settings to view points or stitches for a digitizing file or a stitch file.

Finding designs on your computer
Click on the graphic to view a video which describes how to use the design locator feature.




This ladybug design was used in an on-line lesson teaching techniques for hiding jump stitches.  Download the design and test it for yourself.  No jumps!

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