Creation Game

Felt patches help a child play a “match” game and tell the Bible story of creation.
Full pages are also included to make your own lap game or you can create a flannel board story.  A document file in pdf format allows a Bible teacher to send printed pages home for children to cut out the circles and paste into the frames.
Pdf file will be e-mailed to purchasers who request it.  After your purchase, e-mail Aunty M to receive the document.

1.87” x 2.7”

Earth & Vegetation
1.76” x 1.76”

Sun Rays
2.91” x 2.91”

1.76” x 1.76”

2.74” x 2.74”

1.76” x 1.76”

Sea & Air Animals
2.67” x 2.67”

Fish & Birds
1.76” x 1.76”

Land Animals
2.76” x 2.76”

Creeping Things
1.76” x 1.76”

2.63” x 2.63”

Adam & Eve
1.76” x 1.76”

God Rested
2.74” x 2.74”

1.76” x 1.76”

Felt “patches” match with the appropriate frame to tell the Bible story of creation.

Individual designs
were developed to
be stitched together
as two separate
pages for the
Quiet Book
Add snaps or
Velcro to the
middle of each
section and the
back of the discs
so the pieces fit
together like
a puzzle.

Creation 1 - Left side of game board
5.98” x 7.65”
This page is also provided as two files
for 5” x 7” hoops.

Creation 2 - Right side of game board
5.92” x 7.65”
This page is also provided as two files
for 5” x 7” hoops.

Please take note of the design sizes before ordering.
Refunds cannot be given on purchased design files.


Price:  $8.00

Indicate the format you  need in the notes section at Pay Pal.

This matching “game” can be stitched separately or it
may be used as an activity in the Quiet Book series.
Click on the church to see more pages
in the Quiet Book Series and
learn how to purchase all of the designs on one CD.

Add a felt pocket to the front to hold patches.
Sample was serged with variegated Wooly Nylon. 
3/4” grosgrain ribbon was serged to edge for handles.
Finished game board is 17” x 11”.  All instructions are included in the design set.

Pocket design is 6.86”x 4.87”

Click on images to view more detail.
Look at Projects page for more directions.

“Smile! God Loves You” is included as an extra design on the Quiet Book Series CD.

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