Christmas Stockings

The carousel is from Embroidery Library and the bells above the carousel are from Dakota.  Real jingle bells are stitched in the center of the bow.  Holly on either side of the name is from Embroidery Library.
The font is Lady’s Script.

Kimberly’s stocking uses a Christmas angel from Teri Sullivan.  Her site is   The file has almost 50,000 stitches but it worked well on quilted fabric.  The lettering is done with one of the Celtic fonts called Hibernia. 

Kacey’s stocking is done with an appliqué design from Dakota.  We used green velvet for the tree, heel, and toe.  The bow and holly are parts of a design from Dakota.  The poinsettia designs at the heel and toe are from Embroidery Library.  This font is Ladies’ Script.

 Both of these designs come from Emb. Library.  The toe and heel are done with green velvet.  Wide ribbon was added above the cardinal and the name was stiched on top of the ribbon.  The bear, bell, and ornament are all from Emb. Library.  The font is Fanciful.

All of the designs on this stocking are from Embroidery Library.  So is the lettering. 

The lettering is from Emb. Library.  But you won’t find it there as an alphabet.  They have a design that allows you to stitch the words for Jingle Bells.  I extracted letters from that design and put them together to make the names for the two stockings.  Santa is from Dakota but I did not like the stitched ornaments.  So I made an appliqué ornament and used shiny fabric.  This ornament design is available on my sample pages.

The appliqué snowman is from Dakota.  Fabric for the appliqué and band is fluffy felt.  Let It Snow is a design from Embroidery Library.  The bells and bow are from Grand Slam.  The font is Harrington--one of my original fonts created for Emb. Magic 2.  Click on the photo to see a larger view.

Jim is a graduate of Texas A&M.  The Canadian Mounty Santa came from Embroidery Library.  I just changed the colors to match those for A&M.  The bells on either side of the name are also from Emb. Library.  The lettering is 2-color Sports Block.

Sammy is my son’s miniature rat terrier.  The design for this smaller stocking is from OESD.  It look just like Sammy!  The lettering is one of my original fonts called Impulse.

The bear, bell, and ornament are all from Embroidery Library.  The font is Arabian from the Celtic fonts collection for Embroidery Magic 2.

The design is from Emb. Library’s Santa collection.  You would have to understand that “Pa” believes that Texas is a country all by itself so this was very appropriate for him.  The font is Western.

Both of these designs are from Embroidery Library.  The font is Harrington.

Katie’s stocking was new in 2006.
It uses a design from Cactus Punch in their crystal snowmen series.  The scarf is stitched first and attached during the embroidery process so it has a 3-D effect.  There are crystals for snow and eyes.  The lettering is done with the Curlz font I developed for Embroidery Magic 2.
Click on the stocking to see the snowman.

The design is the same as Katie’s, but this time, we used blue satin that had some sparkle added to it.  We also added some snowflakes around the design to create some additional texture.

Cara’s stocking uses a design from Embroidery Library.  We used Madeira’s SuperTwist thread for the gumdrops and suckers.  I changed the solid fill gingerbread man to an appliqué so I could use a suede fabric.  The lettering is done with Speedball in Embroidery Magic 2 and I used a triple color thread from Madeira that stitches as a stripe.

David’s stocking used a design from Embroidery Library.  Lettering is Shadow from Type Library, Vol. 1, created for Embroidery Magic 2 and Fancyworks Studio.
The design used stitches for the lights, but I deleted those colors and added crystals for the lights, berries, and noses.

Except for Sammy’s stocking, the others are all 24” long.
It takes a lot to fill them up!
Each person brings one item for each stocking.  It has become our favorite part of Christmas Eve.

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