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Chocolate Apron
4.05” x 4.97”

Chocolate Cherry
2.54” x 2.16”

Eve’s Apron
5.40” x 4.44”

Two designs are combined and trim is added for a cute apron.

Look for striped and gingham kitchen towels at All About Blanks.


Chocolate Drop
2.74” x 3.0”

Click on each graphic
for larger view.

Nougats as a separate file
1.86” x 3.28”

Daily Food Guide   4.65” x 6.61”

Separate Mini Designs

Cake             1.03” x 1.06”
   Candy           1.59” x 0.89”
Cookie           1.30” x 0.89
   Milk             1.21” x 1.25”

The combined designs and the individual mini designs are all included in the set.


Designs will be e-mailed as soon as possible.  There is no download link.

Price:  $20

These designs use different shades of brown.  Conversion programs use various color palettes.
Some of those color choices do not include appropriate browns.  Please read the color list for each design
instead of relying on the color list provided by your software.

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