Birthday Appliqué

Birthday Appliqué 5 x 7
Party hat and present appliqué designs suitable for 5x7 hoops.
Design is provided with and without lettering.

Happy Birthday to Me
5.72” x 4.57”

Birthday Appliqué without lettering
5.72” x 4.57”

Click on dress to see larger view.


Price:  $4.00

Birthday Appliqué for 4 x 4 hoops
Party hat, present, and lettering are split for 4x4 hoops.
Present and party hat can also be purchased separately.

Party Hat Appliqué
2.65” x 3.86”

Happy Birthday Lettering
3.86” x 1.54”

Present Appliqué
3.89” x 2.56”


Price:  $4.00

Designs will be e-mailed as soon as possible.
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