Aunty M Fonts

Aunty M’s original plug-in fonts for Embroidery Magic 2, Fancyworks Studio, DayStar
and Designer Series are
$10 each.
Click on each graphic in the left column to see all characters in that particular font.
Fonts will be emailed to you along with instructions for how to save the file.

Purchase any of the fonts below with PayPal.
Include the name of the font in the notes section and let me know which program you are using.
You will receive an e-mail verifying your program.  After your program has been verified,
your font and installation instructions will be sent by e-mail.

Use the link to the right to purchase
one or more individual fonts.

Font Name

Click on each graphic to see other characters in each font.

Maiandra is the newest font added to this collection.  Order with the Pay Pal link above.

Technical is a triple stitch font with the look of redwork stitches done by hand.


Purchase 10 of the fonts shown above for $39.95.
Fonts included in this series:
Curlz - Fanciful - Harrington - Hobby - Impulse - Jester - Melody - Parade - Pristine - Speedball
NEW!!!  Maiandra and Trebuchet have been added to the series.
Get 12 instead of 10!!

Click on the link at the right to purchase the
Aunty M Font Pack.  Shipping will be added.


Fonts will be mailed to you on a CD along with samples of each font
and documents for the fonts that require special settings.

Click on the Fonts link below to view more fonts for Embroidery Magic 2
Fancyworks Studio, & Monogram SP.

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